Friday, January 19, 2007

23Jun1862, Charles Bowled Out

LONDON, Monday, June 23rd, 1862.
—Went with Meriel, Mrs. T., Albert, Edwd. and John, to see the beginning of the University match at Lord's. The Cambridge went in first, and, alas! we were doomed to see Charles bowled out for a "duck" after a few overs. The first time it has happened to him this year, I believe. However, most of the others played well, and the score reached 171. We left the ground abt 3, the boys staying; and they brought word that wretched Oxford obtained the modest score of 71, so it will probably be a stupid victory in one innings, and Ch. won't have another chance. I read 60 p. of Alison; did some French.

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