Monday, January 15, 2007

07Jun1862, Volume 7 of the Diary Begins

Begun June 7th, 1862, at Cambridge.
Ended August 23rd, 1863, at Hagley.
Begun aged 20 years and 9 months.
Ended aged 22 years, all but a fortnight.

CAMBRIDGE, Saturday, June 7th, 1862.
—All my volumes of journal (except the lost Vol. 1) have had marked events in them, and though, by God's great mercy, the happy events are many more than the sad, yet I have seen enough of sorrow to make every fresh beginning of things rather awful to me; while the peace and enjoyment that remain to me in such full and most undeserved measure make me dread the inevitable "changes and chances of this mortal life." I might be fifty, for the fear I have of change! But this is bad and faithless of me, for loving-kindness and mercy have followed me all the days of my life; and to that I will trust with a quiet mind.

I went to G. St. for breakfast, whence I set off for Cambridge with Papa at 10 1/4. The drive thro' the City to Shoreditch was very interesting to me, and I took in S. Paul's for the 1st time. In Bishopsgate we passed the smoking ruins of a house, with firemen still busy about it. A Mr. Trevylian [FN: It was the young George Otto Trevelyan. He took Lord Lyttelton for "a church dignitary of eminence, on account of the great power and goodness of his face."] (how I have murdered his name!) was in the train with us: he has written first-rate comic verses. Came to Magdalene Lodge; finding it empty, we ate some (congealed) luncheon, and then set off, 1st, to Charles' rooms, where he was not, then all about the lovely "Backs." Visited the Provost of King's, and went to service at King's Chapel, where the organ was glorious, and there was one of the best trebles I have ever heard. We dined with the Latimers at Trinity, meeting Sir E. and Ly. Head, D. and Dss. of Argyll, Ly. L. Cavendish, Ld. Bristol, and Ld. J. Hervey, etc. Singing in the evening. Home by 11 1/2: unlike London! Papa is always a lion, which is charming. Letters; to Elly.

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