Monday, January 15, 2007

10Jun1862, Three Days Rolled Into One

CAMBRIDGE, Whit Tuesday, June 10th, 1862.
—This feels like 3 days rolled into one. We went off to the Senate House abt 10; the clatter was still more uproarious than yesterday. .. .
After, came luncheon in the fine new hall of Caius: I sat next Lord Hartington. Then trundling about the Horticultural Show in Trinity Hall gardens. Then Papa and I squeezed time for service at King's, whence we walked, and I went upstairs, smoothed my hair, and looked for gloves, and came downstairs — the whole thing in 12 minutes! Then an amusing dinner in Magdalene Hall, Ralph Neville making a facetious speech in giving "the Ladies," the Master proposing healths well and shortly. After which we all dressed, and now I am writing by clear morning daylight — 4 a.m. — to a chorus of wakening birds.
Oh, one of the most delightful balls I have ever had! I must say that, after London experience, it was charming to be engaged to every dance in no time; and I suppose it isn't human nature not to be pleased. Partners, Messrs. Meller (twice), Hofman, Howard (a friend of Albert's), Roberts (a substitute for Lord Hartington, who engaged me, but fell through), Ld. John Hervey, Gaskell (friend of Charles'), and, for Sir Roger, the Master of Magdalene himself!

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