Monday, January 15, 2007

09Jun1862, Red Letter Day at Cambridge

CAMBRIDGE, Whit Monday, June 9, 1862.
—Some thunder showers, with hail. A pleasant day, with plenty of excitement. Papa and I went to service at King's at 10, after which we had delightful music here, in the shape of Mr. Hudson's marvellous fiddling and Mr. Wade's very beautiful singing. Luncheon and then! —to the Senate House to see the degrees conferred. We sat a good while first, hearing the intermittent storm (good gracious me, what paper, pen and ink!) of cheers, groans, hisses, cat-calls, etc. One pig-headed individual, who wd keep his cap on, excited a tremendous roar for abt 1/4 of an hr, till a dignitary walked down and got him to take it off. Uncle W. got mingled cheers and hisses, Ld. Derby more cheers than Ld. Palmerston, the proctors unlimited groans, and at one time a chorus of barks.
The Chancellor, [FN: The Duke of Devonshire, her future father-in-law] when he took his seat, looked very stately, and did his part with gt dignity. He was well cheered, but not vociferously. Of the Doctors, all were more or less well received, except wretched Ld. Belper, who got no applause. But when the list was read out, the 1st name that was cheered was Papa's! Ld. Brougham's of course the most, and fine and venerable he looked. He is 83. When his degree was conferred the roar of cheers was immense. But Papa got enough to make me nearly burst with pride and excitement. Oh, it was splendid! The Ralphs turned up. At 9 o'clock came off a delightful concert, Titiens singing gloriously. And so ended a proud, satisfactory, red-letter day.

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