Friday, January 19, 2007

21Jun1862, Fantastic Hair Dressing

LONDON, Saturday, June 21st, 1862.
—We went to a pretty bkfast at Stoke, with a very clever little Mr. Puller (who afterwards went mad [FN: Added later.]). The Duchesse d'Aumale was there ; looked much pinched and aged. Party at Ly. Palmerston's, where was the Viceroy of Egypt, an acute-looking fat man with one eye, and much less of the animal look than the Japanese, etc. Speaks beautiful French. I made gt notes abt the fantastic hair dressing which is come into fashion: odd rolls and curls; and it all seems to have a pyramidal tendency. The French women paint and what they call "enamel" their faces universally, and some powder a little! with gold dust, I believe. Were introduced to Lord Clyde, who, when Atie. P. called our attention to his lovely star of India, insisted on pulling it off, and got quite red and a little furious, tugging at it.

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