Monday, January 15, 2007

08Jun1862, To Trinity With Papa

CAMBRIDGE, Whitsunday, June 8th, 1862.
—Dined at 5, then went with Papa to Trinity, where the multitude of white robes delighted me as I well remember they did before. Alas! the behaviour of the wearers was anything but in keeping with their angelic appearance! Walked abt. the Backs afterwds with Charles, meeting the Argylls, etc. Conversational eveng; Messrs. Wade (with a lovely tenor voice), Hudson (an unparalleled fiddler), Hofman, pleasant undergraduates, have been running tame most of the day. Also the splendid rifle shot, Mr. Ross, came in: a magnificent-looking man. I shall go mad if all this book means to be greasy. [FN: As this page appears]

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