Friday, January 19, 2007

14Jun1862, The Queen's Duty to Her Subjects

LONDON, Saturday, June 14th, 1862.
—Ralph and Seymour Neville turned up soon after bkfast, and we had gt fun, talking over delightful Cambridge. Also At. Coque, the Duke of Argyll, and the Miss Dicksons (such an odd party!) came to luncheon. The Duke said the Queen in a letter to him expressed her intention of never again taking part in court gaieties — a natural feeling for her now to have, but it is most clearly one of her many duties to her subjects (and not a small one) to continue by her example to give the tone to society, and to give an opportunity to many who otherwise would not have it of showing their respect and love. There is no fear but that she will do this, as soon as she feels it to be her duty, as perfectly and meekly as she now does it in other respects.

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