Saturday, February 13, 2010

28Jan1870, William and Victor Meet Again

HOLKER, January 28th, 1870.
William and Victor met downstairs for the 1st time for a fortnight, and it was the prettiest sight in the world. William was quite crazy with delight (reminding me in the most whimsical way of Friday's joy at seeing his father, in "Robinson Crusoe" !). He would never leave him, and all his tyrannical ways disappeared as he evidently thought him a tender little invalid who must be petted : called his name over and over again in a darling little soft voice, peering up into his face ; showed him pictures, picked up what he dropped, and kept breaking out into squeaks of bliss and laughter. Meanwhile Victor received all demonstrations with dignity, slowly thawed into smiles, and finally they trotted about the room together. It was the more comical, that Victor, tho' thinner than he was, is still far the biggest of the two, having again gained upon W. in height during his illness.

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