Saturday, February 13, 2010

19Jan1870, The Footman has Rheumatic Fever

HOLKER, January 19th, 1870.
—Poor George the footman has rheumatic fever : such a sick house never was.

HOLKER, January 20th, 1870.
—George grew so much worse, that late in the evening (unknown to us) the doctor came and bled him—such an unheard-of thing nowadays, that we telegraphed

January 21st, 1870. — for Dr. de Vitre, who thinks very seriously of his case, and also of poor Porter, the groom of the chambers, who has a very bad throat.

HOLKER, January 22nd, 1870.
—The 1st thing we heard in the morning was the sad news of George's death at 1 o'clock. . . .

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