Saturday, February 13, 2010

10Nov1869, Little William and Little Victor

CHATSWORTH, November 10th, 1869.
—William and Victor [FN: William Egerton and Victor Cavendish.] are increasing in charms ; they continue to be entire contrasts to each other. William as quick and sharp as a needle, impetuous, eager, and imitative, his little person wiry and long-legged, and his small trotting feet always in a hurry ; Victor fat and meditative, hardly ever seizes the point of one's remarks to him at the moment, but by and bye one catches him doing the thing he was told ; waddles with feet wide apart and is still bigger than Wm. sometimes very merry with jolly jokes of his own, but never hurries himself. Both are very fond of each other, and have taken to dancing together, holding hands—spasmodic little jumps delightful to see.

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