Saturday, February 13, 2010

16Feb1870, The Poverty of London

LONDON, February 16th, 1870.
—We went to a drum at No. 11, and I talked a little to Mr. Goschen. Johnny had asked him a question about the poverty of London in the House, "if his attention had been called to it," and poor Mr. Goschen answered that you might as well ask a man engaged in a terrible struggle whether his attention had been called to the fact that he had an enemy in front of him. But what is to be done? There is a movement for making charitable agencies and the poor-law work together, which would be admirable ; but the difficulties are said to be enormous. The Bp. of Exeter was at the party, to B.'s intense delight, for she worships him. [FN: Dr. Temple, whom "B." (Beatrice Lascelles) afterwards married.] He told her he had no hope but that opposition would follow him to his dying day ; and that it was a great grief to offend so many good men. He looks brave and cheerful nevertheless.

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