Saturday, February 13, 2010

27Jul1869, Letter from Henry Tuckley

KISSINGEN, July 27th, 1869. (sic)
—Had a touching letter from Henry Tuckley, a young man who was taken to St. Martin's workhouse in a half-mad state, and whose story of running away from his employer in consequence of a love disappointment, with £40 of his father's money, while drunk, and spending about a month in London not knowing what he was about, seems on inquiry to be true. He was evidently respectable, and, as it was a first fall, tho' such a terrible one, the good Master of the Workhouse took interest in him and told me about him and I got him under Mr. Shaw Stewart at the Newport Market refuge. We have got the money for him to emigrate to Canada, and it remains to be seen how he turns out. If well, it will be a joy and encouragement all one's life long, amid the evil and humbug of the world. (Heard startlingly soon that he had become a Wesley minister ! ! Wrote to caution him.)

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