Saturday, February 13, 2010

22Jul1869, Matters are All Arranged

LONDON, July 22nd, 1869.
—The political thunderstorm has entirely cleared the air ! Matters are all arranged by certain small concessions on the part of the Govt. and much repentance on the part of the Lords ; Lord Cairns amenable, Lord Grey apologetic! ! ! And so the great measure of justice is passed. I never felt so strongly the beautiful balance of the Constitution, which has been like a grand ship straining fearfully in a dangerous storm, and righting herself when all seemed lost. Both sides are glad and relieved. One can only thank God and take courage. Uncle W. came home absolutely overcome. He said he wished to go straight to church! The Archbishop of Canterbury has been the moving spring of influence that has brought it all about : it is immensely to his credit, as he is no lover of the Bill.

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