Saturday, February 13, 2010

08Dec1869, Personal Infallibility of the Pope

CHATSWORTH, December 8th, 1869.
—At Rome the Bishops of the Roman Church are mustering for the so-called Œcumenical Council. The Ultramontane Italian party are said to be firmly resolved on decreeing the "personal infallibility of the Pope"—a monstrous new dogma, which one of their authorized catechisms now in use puts down as a "Protestant invention." There have been protests from the German clergy, and one Père Hyacinthe in France ran such a tilt against the Ultramontanes that he has been forced to throw up his position, and has been excommunicated. The Roman party affect to ignore these protests, but lately Dupanloup, Bishop of Orleans, a strong Catholic, has written an earnest appeal against such a decree being passed ; and they can hardly ignore him, It seems a desperate turning to bay.

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