Saturday, February 27, 2010

27May1871, Hideous Murderous Fighting in Paris

CHATSWORTH, May 27th, 1871.
—The most hideous murderous fighting is going on inside burning Paris : the regulars dragging out and shooting everyone found with arms in their hands, and putting to death women and children who fling petroleum into houses. Many women fight, and the insurgents make considerable resistance behind barricades. But they are nearly stamped out now. Shells (including petroleum ones) are thrown all over the town from the positions still in the hands of the wretches ; however, the fires appear to have been got under, as, after gratefully accepting the offer of the London fire-brigade to go over to Paris, the Versailles Government have telegraphed that it won't be wanted.

Fine day between showers. We rode amid "the hyacinthine woods" and felt what blessed English peace and security is.

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