Saturday, February 27, 2010

22Apr1871, Reading an Old Quarterly

HOLKER, April 22nd, 1871.
—A certain article in a Quarterly of 1843 makes me feel very old ; so immense are the changes in my life-time. The writer evidently has a leaning towards the "Tractarians," yet one rubric reform that he highly disapproves of as an unwarrantable novelty is the clergyman "giving out" the metrical psalms (hymns apparently not dreamt of) instead of the clerk. Also the surplice in the pulpit excites great horror, and still more the placing the elements on the altar at the time commanded by the rubric, because of the unbearable credence-table entailed thereby. An Edinburgh article, of an older date, makes the astounding assertion that the Reformation in England was a mere arbitrary act of the King and court, there being no popular feeling for it whatever ! Likewise it announces that the Low Church party invented the expression "means of grace" ! !

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