Tuesday, February 23, 2010

15Feb1871, Princess Louise's Dowry

LONDON, February 16th, 1871.
—Dined at the George Howards, meeting Granvilles, Amberleys, Minny Labouchere, and young Mr. Sartoris : various M.P.s failed, being kept at the House to hear Mr. Cardwell's Army Estimates and vote for Princess L.'s dowry, upon which Mr. Taylor thought fit to divide, with the pleasing result of being what the Spectator calls in the "immense minority" of 1—viz., tiresome, obnoxious Mr. Fawcett, who has long since fallen from the peg of esteem we used to hang him on, by making it a rule to hamper the Government and get up cross divisions whenever he has a chance.

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