Sunday, February 21, 2010

17Nov1870, A Liberal Roman Catholic

CHATSWORTH, November 17th, 1870.
—I drove Ly. Howard round the Stand wood : she is a most striking example of what I have never before met with—a Liberal Rom. Cath. Told me she approved of the occupation of Rome by the Italians ; that she totally rejected the "Infallibility notion" as false and against reason ; that she deeply regretted the minority at the Council not voting ; that Manning was unscrupulous and slandered Newman to the Pope, by which he prevented Newman being allowed to set up at Oxford ; that the next Pope would probably submit to the Occupation and rescind the dogma ; that modern Roman books of devotion were bad, seeming actually to inculcate the worship of the Virgin ; that priests were to be distrusted ; and finally that she believed in the validity of our Orders ! In all this she only followed the footsteps of Dellinger and Lord Acton. She is an acute little lady.

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