Sunday, February 21, 2010

12Dec1870, A Very Pleasant Party

HAWARDEN, December 12th, 1870.
—The party here is very pleasant : Mr. Wade sings delightfully and there are choruses ; Mr. Balfour is a very pretty quaint tall boy, clever and funny ; Mr. Strutt [FN: Afterwards Lord Rayleigh, the great man of science. He married Mr. Balfour's sister.], a senior Wrangler, very taking and gentlemanlike ; Lord E. grave and political, a "rising young man," and likeable ; Mr. M. Muller brilliant, but 0 such a bloodthirsty German ! going in for "rectified frontiers" and endless wars with that view : sickening and disgraceful ! I have not heard him declaim, however, and on other points he is charming.

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