Saturday, February 27, 2010

14May1871, A Day at Keble College

KEBLE COLLEGE, May 14th, 1871.
—There was early (weekly) Communion at 8, but we did not go to that : breakfast afterwards, Edward and F. breakfasting in Hall. This is one of the peculiar rules of the College with a view to economy—a common breakfast—and the men seem to like it. Matins and Litany at 9.30, and then we saw, I suppose, the whole College : 31 undergraduates, 2 tutors, the Bursar, etc. Next October they expect to double their numbers, and the following October to be full ; so at all events the College supplies a strong demand. At 11 to S. Mary's, where Pusey preached the University sermon. He coughed and was rather confused at first, but warmed up, and the end of his sermon was grand and eloquent. But being a technically controversial argument upon the Real Presence, it pained and bothered me rather ; for more and more I desire silence upon that Divine Mystery, with simple faith in the promise, and no human definitions. I don't mean that this can suffice always, but it is best and safest as a rule. Evensong in Keble Chapel.

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