Tuesday, February 23, 2010

14Jan1871, Saltaire Settlement by Sir Titus Salt

BRADFORD, January 14th, 1871.
—We went to see the famous "Saltaire," a complete settlement built by Sir Titus Salt for the work-people employed in his mighty factory (woollen and mixed fabrics). There are numbers of pretty almshouses, beautiful schools and cottages, a great self-supporting dining-hall, an infirmary, a splendid Mechanics' Institute in course of building, and a big heathen temple in the midst, serving as Independent Chapel. We saw as much as we had time for. 1,000 looms at work. The inside of the chapel surprised me, for I fancied the Independents did not differ much from the Church in doctrine and Liturgy ; but the arrangements did not look like this : the organ presides over the E. end, with the singers' seats in front of it, and in front of them, the marble slab that serves for Communion table. However, Mr. Law says that his sect would join the Church if she was disestablished.

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