Thursday, April 09, 2009

28Jul1865, Idle But Moving Thoughts

HAGLEY, July 28th, 1865.
—This glorious summer has seldom failed to bring us bright days whenever we most wanted them : the morning was perfect, and the view was. After church, soon after 12, we all went up the dear obelisk hill ; and in the afternoon, Clent Hill. The view rather hazed over after 3, but it was very nice. A good deal cooler. I am very happy in the thought of Lou associating Hagley with all her own deep happiness now ; and have a feeling the old place, which has seen such a long sunny day of married blessedness in the past, must shed brightness over them. For the same reason I love to think of our own beautiful Whitsuntide here. The spire — 0 to think I haven't mentioned it !—is finished up to the golden cock at top, and one longs to tear down the scaffolding, which remains up for some last touches. From all sorts of points of view, it comes in beautifully (the spire, not the scaffolding !), and what a thing it is to see the dear church complete ! Very idle but moving thoughts cross one from time to time, of how it would please and interest darling Mamma to come down to us again for a little while, just to see the changes ; which, thank God, have been mostly such happy ones. How she would have loved Meriel's little children ! and the sight of her own boys growing up into such comforts to Papa — his great joy and pride. But such thoughts must not dwell with one, remembering how her own deep earthly affections, though not weakened or changed, were absorbed in the hope of what we now trust is her Everlasting Joy : the Presence of our Lord.

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