Tuesday, April 07, 2009

15Jul1865, Fred is Elected, Lou is Engaged

HEADINGLEY, July 15th, 1865.—An exciting and wonderful day ! First, my Fred's election (unopposed) as one of the members for the new N. division of the W. Riding together with Sir F. Crossley. Fred spoke on the hustings for about ½ an hour, and was cheered immensely, and altogether most delightfully received. All he said was full of energy and conviction, and proved to one (what I knew already) the strength and depth and enthusiasm of his faith in the people, and of his love of truth and liberty. Perhaps he won't turn out eloquent : his style is too stern, and his voice, especially his curious "th" and "r," against him ; he expresses himself sometimes abruptly, and sometimes his ideas come too fast for his words and make him confused ; but at all events he is original, and eager, and to the point ; and by every tone and word shows that he means and feels what he says. Never have I gone through such excitement, or felt so proud ! The climax was dear old Mr. Thompson proposing 3 cheers for me, whereat I was ready to burst ! Old Fred brought pretty strongly before them his Liberalism ! but he has caution and humility and toleration as checks.

But all this is eclipsed by the news that greeted us here. Captain Egerton [FN: The Hon. Francis Egerton, son of the 1st Earl of Ellesmere, ; afterwards an admiral and M.P.] has written to the Duke asking to be allowed to ask Lou to marry him ; and darling Lou is as happy as happy can be.

He cannot be good enough for her ! but I do hope and believe will make her very happy ; and it is nice to find I am really most beautifully unselfish, for in spite of what the loss of her will be to me, I know too well the blessedness of the joy not to rejoice for her with all my heart. And I am too pompé to say anything more.

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