Tuesday, April 07, 2009

13Jul1865, Up to the Ears in Electionums

HEADINGLEY, July 13th, 1865.
—A contrast ! Here we are up to the ears in electionums. Arrived in Leeds which we found inundated by triumphant Blues, the Conservative candidate Beecroft having come in at the head of the poll ; Baines (proposer of a £6 franchise) next, and poor Lord Amberley being beaten rather hollow. Said Lord A. and his wife are staying here ; and take their defeat with admirable good temper and philosophy. We did not leave Bolton till 3. Walked before luncheon in pretty Wood, and back by the Terrace. Alas ! alas ! poor old John is beaten hollow at Malmesbury. Willy has come in for Chester, which I am glad of.

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