Wednesday, April 08, 2009

17Jul1865, This Horrible Interloper

CHATSWORTH, July 17th, 1865.
—Grey and ugly all day, which was unpoetical, as the romance came to an upshot, Captain Egerton turning up this afternoon and spending an incomprehensibly long time with Lou in the stately garden. Oh, dear me ! I could fancy the statues looking out of spirits at the sight of this horrible interloper ! but it is all right and good and happy. May and I watched the fly drive up, and the Captain puzzled us by marching to the Porter's lodge, collecting his thoughts maybe, or perhaps in search of the Duke. With whom by and bye he appeared in front of the perron. Duke, May, and I disappeared, and left the two with nobody but Fiz en tiers, at the Granville Corner. And so it is all settled, and I have had a cry, and mean to be—am—very happy at it. We talked electionums between acts, as F. and I used to talk Garibaldiums ! Sat very tight all the evening for news of Eddy and Sussex, but none came. And now in about 2 hours I am hoping and longing to see Fred, who didn't think Capt. Egerton could have turned up to-day, and to whom I trust I shall have the telling of the news.

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