Thursday, April 09, 2009

03Aug1865, Eddy and Emma are Married

LONDON, August 3rd, 1865.
—Which he did. Dear Eddy and Emma's wedding-day ; reminding me much of mine, especially as I wore for the 1st time since, the lovely gown and cloak I went away in ! It was at St. Michael's, Chester Square. A little faint sunshine struggled out just at the right time ; but most of the day was dark and pouring. Emma looked nicer than I have ever seen her. There was very little crying, and all went well but the weather ; I feel for them arriving at Chiswick (whither they drove, as we did) without being able to plunge into the glorious summer brightness and peace which greeted us. Oh, how I hope and pray for them that they may be as happy as we are !

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