Monday, April 06, 2009

05Jul1865, First Catch Your Hare

LONDON, July 5th, 1865.
—Had the accountums in the morning ; find we have spent £121 (inclusive of a good many small extras) on housekeeping since we set up. This I must cut down ! We dined at D. House, where was a family dinner, with a tail, in honour of Eddy and Emma ; as last year of us, when I remember undergoing much in the way of introductions. Hideous reports are about that the Conservatives are getting up a contest for us, but first catch your hare—they can't find anybody to undertake the inevitable beating ! Oxford, Chester, and Malmesbury are all frightfully doubtful : I had all but rather Fred was beaten than Uncle W. ; he will feel it deeply, and so will she.

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