Monday, April 06, 2009

12Jul1865, Mill and Hughes Return

BOLTON, July 12th, 1865.
F. is over the moon at divers Liberals having been returned in London ; especially Mill the philosopher and Hughes the author of "Tom Brown." Mill's return notable from his having refused either to solicit votes or to spend a farthing himself. . . .
After luncheon, up we went to dear Glorious Hazlewood ; the view clearer than I ever remember seeing it, and my familiarity with it all, as is always the case with "things of beauty," making it strike and delight me more than ever. As in old music,

Ever in its melodious store
Finding a spell unheard before.

We had one delightful sit on the heather, which is beginning to blossom, when I lay back looking straight up into the lovely sky, conscious of the breezy, undulating expanse all round, and of my own happiness, so that my heart rather overflowed !


Andrea Kaston Tange said...

Just wanted to say that I saw your post to the VICTORIA list regarding this project, which I think is a fascinating one, and I'm having fun perusing the archives. Thanks for letting us know about it!

Y S Lee said...

Likewise! What a juicy entry - love the detail about JSW refusing "to spend a farthing himself". What's your goal in blogging this? Have you considered adding a short bio of LLC for quick reference?

Denise H said...

Yes, I think a short bio should be the last post of the diary after all the events of May 1882. The details of that time are too depressing to end the blog so I'll add a summarizing entry at the top for the new-commers.