Thursday, June 22, 2006

26Jun1859, A Boring Sermon

LONDON, June 26th, 1859.
—We went to St. Martin's, where we sweltered in inconceivable bore through a 52-minutes' sermon, for the most part inaudible, and of the remainder not a sentence worth hearing. People began dropping out of the church in considerable numbers, and in some invisible locality most astonishing wheezing, groaning, and cracking went on at intervals, like several large clocks running down. These two causes united provoked almost irresistible giggle, as the reverend person went mildly on, undeterred by either. The singing was brisk and decidedly good, and the Minuet in " Samson " played after service.

I went with Atie. P. etc., to Chapel Royal, where Maria Marchioness of Ailesbury dropped her parasol all the way from the imposing eminence of the Peeresses' Gallery.

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