Tuesday, June 20, 2006

18Jun1859, An Attenuated Baboon

LONDON, June 18th, 1859.
—Breathless, thundery sort of day. A profoundly quiet morning. We went to a little breakfast at Ld. J. Manners', with children. This may be briefly described as Dull. His little boy [FN: The present Duke of Rutland] of 7 is a fine, spirited fellow, exceedingly tall, and in a violent state of excitement. The D. of Rutland was there, looking most depressed. It is said he has never got over not being allowed to marry his first cousin, now Lady Newport. Lord B . . . was present, strikingly like an attenuated baboon. M. dined with Granny and Co., I with Papa at Ld. Camden's, where, having expected surpassing dulness, I was agreeably surprised, being between E. Neville and extremely agreeable Ld. Overstone. Moreover, I was determined to extract some conversation from the proverbially silent Ladies Pratt, and succeeded, tho' far from the point of discovering any brilliance of conversation. Still they brightened up, and said more than yes and no. Home by 11, for Sunday.

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