Tuesday, June 20, 2006

16Jun1859, Worth Coming to London

LONDON, June 16th, 1859.
—Then Mrs. Talbot took us to George St., where we dined, and came back for that momentous event, our first concert, which was what glorious music always is, the greater delight because it began unpropitiously ; but each thing overtopped the other, till we reached a climax, with Ly. Agneta Yorke and Ly. Hardwicke, who sung together with a power and pathos beyond description, their whole soul in their angelic voices ! And there was Miss Connor with her glorious ringing, clear, and flexible voice. Moreover, I was introduced to young Ly. Spencer, radiant in her winning loveliness : talked to the nice Yorkes, to Althorp, and many other folk. Tallee was there, with At. Yaddy. It would be worth coming to London if only for this sort of thing.

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