Tuesday, June 20, 2006

15Jun1859, A Torrent of People

LONDON, June 15th, 1859.
—Very lovely day. A torrent of people came to luncheon : Sir J. Lacaita, Mrs. and E. Talbot, C. Jane Wortley, Annie and Mary Gladstone, the latter of whom is strikingly handsome. Afterwards I went with Atie Pussy, Aggy, and the children to a breakfast ( ! ! ! ? ?) at that beautiful place, Wimbledon, where there was little to do, and less to say, but we amused ourselves looking at people, and guzzling as it seemed all the afternoon. Poor Lord Seymour looked very dismal, Ly. Blanche Lascelles, whom his parents wouldn't let him marry, being engaged to Ld. Boyle. We daundered over Ly. Hermione Graham's lovely little children : Margaret-Frances, Violet-Hermione, Helen, Sybil, Hilda-Georgina, and Richard-James. We picked up all these flowery names from the little creatures themselves. The eldest isn't six yet, the babies being twins. Atie P. had many political talks with different great guns. I was a good deal with Tallee and the Miss Seymours, to whom I was introduced. We played at At. Sally with the Speaker (Mr. Dennison) and Lord Stratford de Redcliffe. I have a conviction I took Mr. G. Dundas for Mr. Rolle. Cousin Jane gave us beautiful parasols and sashes, and dear Mrs. Talbot such muslin gowns.

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