Thursday, June 22, 2006

24Jun1859, Those Old Times

LONDON, June 24th, 1859.
—M. [her sister Meriel] was taken by Cousin Jane to the C. Palace, where she heard " Israel in Egypt." And I have lost the Handel Festival, and shall never live to hear another, if it's true that it's to be centenary. This is very dismal to think. " Du reste," M. was rather disappointed, from not knowing the music well : what struck her most was " God save the Queen," when the enormous audience all cheered, thinking the Queen was there, which she was not, as it is said, because she does not like Handel ! ! ! As far as we can see, fair hopes at Oxford : the Bp. thereof much cut up at the defection of his very intimate friend, the Warden of All Souls', with others. Oh dear, the quantity one has to write ! In the afternoon I drove with Auntie Pussy : we went over Downing St., but she probably won't move there this year ; it looked very familiar to us. We took Winny to a little child's concern at Ly. De Mauley's, and in the park and streets shot several people we knew : Susy Clinton, Ly. Egerton of Tatton, dear pretty little Miss Graham, of happy Escrick memory, Ld. Bristol's daughters, etc. Also went to see after Cousin Ebbet, and she not being up to seeing us, we stayed in the nursery, making ourselves fools over the darling little blue-eyed infant : the comfortable nurse, the atmosphere of flannel, the cozy fire, and the baby's little crowings, bringing to my mind many memories of Mamma, so pale and lovely, with one of our own sweet babies ; and the happy quietness of those old times.

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