Thursday, June 22, 2006

21Jun1859, Swallow Dizzy

LONDON, June 21st, 1859.
—Now I have a little breathing-time to spare from accounts of our perpetual dissipations, to tell of much more interesting things. U. William has taken office under Ld. Palmerston, and is Ch. of the Exchequer, thereby raising an uproar in the midst of which we are simmering, view* his well-known antipathy to the Premier. What seems clear is that he considers it right to swallow personal feelings for the sake of the country ; besides he agrees at present with Lord P.'s foreign policy, also he joins several Peelites. There is this question, however : why, if he can swallow Palmn., couldn't he swallow Dizzy, and in spite of him go in under Lord Derby ? I don't pretend to be able to answer this, but one can enough understand things to be much excited and interested, above all by the contest he will have to undergo for his Oxford University seat, his opponent being Lord Chandos. It is likely to be a near thing. If he isn't returned, good-bye ! I went alone with A. P. to a little ball at Ly. G. Balfour's : where of the 4 dances that took place while I was present, I danced one, and was asked for three : 2 being valses, [FN: She was not allowed to valse] and the 3rd we were going. Very pleasant.

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