Tuesday, June 20, 2006

20Jun1859, Pretty Enough

LONDON, June 20th, 1859.
—Nearly 1/4 4 and daylight. 8 mortal hours and a half have we been at Mme de Persigny's ball, and sorrow a bit have I danced. Till 2 o'clock no chance of it ; then Ld. Sudley engaged me for a quadrille, which he performed with another lady. His next attempt was futile, as the era for quadrilles was over, and the cotillon preparing. One or two other hopes were dashed for this latter reason, and only came to mock me, for what is a cotillon to me ! M. danced once. It was a brilliant ball, for them as danced, and pleasant enough to look at for a while, there being hardly any but beauties present, on principle, for Count Persigny asked U. W. [FN: Uncle William] if we were pretty enough before inviting us. What that relative's answer was will for ever be unknown. Before this eventless ball, we dined pleasantly with the Spencers ; only I am troubled with a frightful access of deafness with regard to Ly. Spencer's voice, which is indistinct to me, and I answer nonsense to the questions that come from her beautiful mouth, and could beat myself.

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