Saturday, April 17, 2010

22Dec1872, We Were All a Little Comatose

CHATSWORTH, December 22nd, 1872.
—The curtain dropt on our fine great drama ! Carriage and four with outriders bore off our P. and Prss., with the Duke and Cavsh. ; Lou and Emma also went with them to Chesterfd., where they were to receive an address. Later we heard by telegraph that, leaving Chesterfd. at 1.20, they got to London soon after 4—quick work for Xmas-time !

In spite of regrets at the breaking-up of a happy and successful time, there was peace when the swarm of guests, string of flies, and mountains of luggage filed away ! Nobody left but Duke, brothers and sisters-in-law, Madge, Freddy Howard, and May Lascelles. We were all a little comatose, and Lou vanished to bed at 9 o'clock.

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