Friday, April 23, 2010

04Jan1873, The Chatsworth Party at Royal Week

HOLKER, Saturday, January 4th, 1873.
—It's rather absurd that I have never given a list of the Chatsworth party during the Royal week ; here they all are. Uncle R., Cowpers and her sister, Granvilles, Listowels, Shannons, Howards of Glossop and daughter, Vernons and daughter, May Lascelles, Margt. and F. Howard, E. Cokes, D. of S. Albans, Mr. Chaplin, Mr. Primrose, Mr. Cockerell, Mr. Calcraft, D. of Rutland, and 0 !—last but far from least. ! Lady A. ! With the P. and Prss., Ly. Macclesfield, Mr. Knollys, Major Grey.

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