Saturday, April 17, 2010

17Dec1872, A Royal Visit to Chatsworth

CHATSWORTH, Tuesday, December 17th, 1872.
—The Duke, Cavsh., and I went to Derby in the morning, and got there a little before the Royal train. Out stepped the lovely Prss. and the fat but apparently blooming Prince. Cheers, nosegay, red cloth, Mrs. Mayor in a wonderful bonnet and a crimson face. "God save the Queen." In spite of drizzle and cold, the Royal carriage was open most of the way as they processioned through the streets, which were really beautifully bedizened. The chief function was a prize-giving to the Grammar school-boys in the drill-hall, when an upper boy read an ode abt the Prince's recovery that was very good and gave one a lump in one's throat. Also we marched about the infirmary.

Getting to Rowsley after dark, Cavsh. and I went with the P. and Pr. (in a shut carriage, alas !) and saw as well as we could the illumination of the W. front and garden that burst forth as we got into the park and drove round by the opposite side of the river. The 1st minute was lovely—the house shining out clear ; but afterwards the smoke hung and hid everything. Lou and the Duke and most of the company received them in the hall, which was unluckily as full of sulphur as it might be after a siege from the fireworks, and set us coughing. Dinner very fine, with feathery cocos palm springing out of the table in the midst and overshadowing us. Whist and music in the evening.

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