Friday, April 16, 2010

30Sep1872, Read Omnivorously

HOLKER, Monday, September 30th, 1872.
—Read rather omnivorously to-day. With F., Bryce's "Holy Roman Empire" and an Essay of De Quincey's ; with Emma, a Bampton Lecture, by Curteis ; to myself, a good deal of "Ann. Register" for 1815 (with some view to the old Letters [FN: I.e. of her grandmother, a volume of which she printed.]), Mozley's Bampton Lectures, Prof. Wilson's "Stories and Essays," Ld. Brougham's autobiography ; besides a little childish skimming ; a good bit of Christina Rossetti's delightful "Shadow of Dante" and some "Life of Bp. Torry."

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