Friday, April 16, 2010

12Oct1872, Good Fat Princess Mary

HOLKER, October 12th, 1872.
Eddies returned from a do-ment at Lytham. The Tecks opened a park near Southport, and went to see Liverpool : great crowds and enthusiasm, which seems to have rather astonished and much delighted good fat Princess Mary . [FN: To this irreverent but not untruthful description of the Duchess of Teck, mother of Her present Majesty, it may be added that she must have grown accustomed to enthusiasm later : for in my recollection of the eighties and nineties she drew more cheers in the streets than any member of the Royal Family except the Queen and the Princess of Wales. Stoutness is somehow always popular, and it generally goes, as it did in this case, with obvious and hearty cheerfulness and good-humour, a still more popular quality.]

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