Saturday, April 17, 2010

19Dec1872, Another Mighty Dinner

CHATSWORTH, Thursday, December 19th, 1872.
—This was a really jolly day. The darling Prss. has got at her ease, and no words can express her perfect charm. It is not so much the loveliness of her face ; others may have as much of that, but smile, colouring, hair, contour of little head and neck, are delightful : her small slight figure is in perfect symmetry, and no one cd believe in the stiff joint of her knee except from a little pretty halt going up and down stairs. Lou drove her thro' the gardens, and to cheering, be-arched, bell-ringing Baslow, Ly. A. and I following, with Mr. Primrose (another witty spirit !). After the mighty dinner (44), which was a beautiful sight, came off a truly enchanting dance of only the houseful and the few dinner-guests. Delicious was the dining-room for this much of a ball, and everybody looked their best and thoroughly enjoyed life. Supper at various little tables in the big drawing-room, capitally managed. Ly. Macclesfield, Mr. Cockerell, and I made fun at our table, all the more comical from the dignified condescension of my neighbour, Ld. Cowper, Ly. George's silent laughter, and the poor dear Duke of Rutland's puzzled Manner-ish high-shouldered aspect thro' it all.

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