Friday, April 03, 2009

30Jun1865, "Israel in Egypt" at the Crystal Palace

LONDON, June 30th, 1865.
—The happy day of my Fred's return. All sorts of vague fears have occurred to me ; but he has come safe back to me, and everything looks different already ! Nevy, Aunt C., and I had the great treat of hearing the "Israel in Egypt" (that is, about 3/4ths of it, being late) at the Crystal Palace. Much squash and crowd and rush and stoppage beset the journey to and fro ; not to speak of rain all day ; but the glorious things we heard made amends. Patti sang, but her voice isn't strong enough : it should have been Titians. Mme Rudersdorf has immense power, but little sweetness ; and Mme Sainton Dolby ought to leave off as her voice is cracked ; but Sims Reeves and Schmidt were grand, and the choruses magnificent. I had to skurry into evening things after we had got home (taking a 3rd class carriage by storm), and dine at Aunt Wenlock's, and so was forced to miss my Fred's arrival ; but found him at home soon after 11.

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