Sunday, March 29, 2009

16Jun1865, Another Fall from a Horse

LONDON, June 16th, 1865.
—We drove together to get a wedding-present for dear Mr. Hugh Smith. At 6 we picked up Lou, and went off riding together. I was on Revolver, and the ill-behaved old fellow chose to come flop down on his knees at the end of a foolish gambol, rolled on his side, and deposited me on the ground. It is my 3rd tumble, and for the 3rd time I fell harmlessly on my side. I feel no worse result, thank God, than a bruised, aching leg. Lou fortunately was able to join on to the Lascelles, and F. and I rode sedately home at a foot's pace. We had one of our snug and rare tête-à-tête evenings, and sat in the drawing-room, which is too lovely lit up. Dear Lou came at 10 to see how I did, and said the Duke was very near coming !

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