Sunday, March 29, 2009

21Jun1865, Encountered Great Swells

LONDON, June 21st, 1865.
—We drove about paying some of the monster bills incident to setting up house. We much fear the total of the furnishing, including linen, crockery, and kitchen apparatus, will be quite £3,000. Dined at Lady de Grey's [FN: Wife of Earl de Grey, afterwards the 1st Marquess of Ripon, the statesman.], to meet the D. of Cambridge, and encountered great swells, viz. the Duke and Duchess [FN: Afterwards Duchess of Devonshire.] of Manchester, she looking brilliantly beautiful and attractive as usual ; he certainly a foil ! The Ailesburys (she has grand remains of beauty), the Skelmersdales, Lord Sefton, Sir R. and Lady Emily Peel, Mr. and Ly. Augusta Sturt, Ly. Molesworth, and one of the Ladies Cowper.

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