Sunday, March 29, 2009

08Jun1865, Family at Hawarden

HAWARDEN, June 8th, 1865.
—We left dear, beautiful Chatsworth about 10, and travelled here in much dust, dirt, and heat, arriving at the Rectory about 3. It is a year and a half since my last memorable visit here ; when the feeling which is now like my own life to me really began. There is a halo round the recollection, as round so many others ! I believe I haven't slept in this house since 1854, when I was 13 ; and everyone was full of the Crimean War. We find here Uncle Stephen, Auntie P , and Mazy [FN: Mary Gladstone, afterwards Mrs. Drew.] ; and after dinner Willy and Stephy turned up from Chester, where Willy has been hard at work canvassing. He seems thoroughly to have warmed up to the work ; and has made one speech which has gained him much applause for its good sense, manliness, and caution. We trolled electioums beyond ! The new curate and his wife, (Chamberlains), nice people, dined. 0 what a contrast to that 1st peaceful day of our pretty honeymoon ! But my Fred and I had a little honeymoon on the lawn here ; and I spouted to him my Hawarden bits of poetry.

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