Sunday, March 29, 2009

14Jun1865, Busy Day in London

LONDON, June 14th, 1865.
—Hot and fine. F. went off to Sussex before 8 a.m. and I had a solitary day. Made the best of it by hanging Lord Richard's beautiful engravings in the drawing-room (which also Lou and I decked out with wedding-presents), and the Smithian water-colours and "The Happy Valley" in the study, to surprise F. on his return. He was a little pleased ! Lou and Adéle d'Henin came to luncheon ; the Gladstone girls, Granny, Julia Robartes, and the Arthur Ellisons called, and all were great audience. I picked my Fred up about ½ past 4 ; but had to dine without him at Lady Rivers', as he had a clashing engagement. Mr. Leveson took me in, and was pleasant. Met the Carmarthens [FN: Afterwards 9th Duke and Duchess of Leeds. The Duchess was a daughter of 4th Lord Rivers : the Pitt ladies were, no doubt, her sisters.] and rather fell in love with her : two very pretty unmarried Pitts ; Hal with whom I had much confidential conversation.

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