Wednesday, April 01, 2009

24Jun1865, Be Civil to the Constituents

LONDON, June 24th, 1865.
—If only the time would go quicker [FN: Her husband was out with his Yeomanry.] ! but here is the 1st day only just over. In some ways it was better than I expected, from having plenty of things to do and people to see—much better than in the country. I went to St. James', thence to D. House and then home again, where I found Mr. Thompson who awestruck me much by deputing me to give F. his opinions on F.'s address, which he sent him yesterday to criticize : also certain remarks on other election topics. He especially flattered me by strongly advising that I should go with my Fred into the Division during the autumn that we might be civil to the constituents. I wrote the necessary troll to F. instantly ; and these different proceedings, with a little reading, filled up my morning. Had luncheon at D. House, and told the Duke all about Thompson : didn't find it blowing. Old M. is bereaved like me, John having gone off high gee a prospect of getting in for Malmesbury. She picked me up at 4 in her nice open carriage, and we dropped cards. Mary and Victoria Clive came to tea, M. to dinner, in the middle of which turned up old Nevy, and was most delightful all the evening. His whole tone and turn of mind does seem most sound, high-principled, manly, and modest : just what one would wish and pray for a young officer ; and one can't but rejoice in the hope that he will have influence, and use it for good.

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