Friday, January 09, 2009

08Apr1864, Garibaldi and Red Shirts

LONDON, Friday, April 8th, 1864.
—All the papers smile upon the Budget, even the Standard saying nothing more snubbing than that it was a réchauffé of one of Dizzy's 2 years back ! Uncle W., speaking of certain plays moving one to tears, said that there was something that made him feel ready to cry in his Budget ! viz. the description he gave of the gigantic power and prosperity of England. This I can well fancy. Drove with Agnes to call on wonderful old Miss Robertson, in her 89th year, able to walk briskly, and hear well, and bent upon coming the night Garibaldi dines here to squint at him from behind the door. For Garibaldi is in England, which fact makes everyone stand on their heads ; and I suppose all young ladies will shortly appear in red shirts, which, to my disgust, have come into fashion.

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