Friday, January 09, 2009

12Apr1864, Luncheon with Garibaldi

LONDON, Tuesday, April 12th, 1864.
—I bkfasted in Geo. St., whence, to my delight, I was summoned by Atie. P., an invitation to a Chiswick luncheon given to Garibaldi having been sent to me. So I saw the great man close ; and was immensely struck by his simple dignity of manner during the trying process of being introduced to different people by the Dow. Dss. of Sutherland. One saw his mind was too great and humble for shyness. I had a very happy afternoon. Ld. Frederic (who was at Chiswick) came to high tea with us, and thence with us to the Adelphi, where "Leah" was acted.

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