Friday, January 09, 2009

04Apr1864, Three Pummelled

HAGLEY, Monday, April 4th, 1864.
Nevy and I had a splendid ride on to Kinver Edge and thence through Wolverley to Summerhill, where we called on Amelia Anson who looked very well. Claughtons out. A 3-barred fence obstructing the way on the top of the Edge, I put the hunter at it. He chose to take it standing, and alack ! off I rolled, dexterously falling pretty gently on my side on soft ground. Thus, mercifully, no harm resulted ; but I expect to feel well pummelled to-morrow. Perhaps, had I been 3 pummelled at the time I shd have stuck on ! but I won't stoop to that. We had grand gallops and only just got home in time for dinner.

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